Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pizza is dead

I use to believe in pizza. At one time my world revolved around pizza. I worshipped pizza. I was young and very involved. I thought seriously about devoting my life to pizza when I grew older. I was raised by an Irish-Italian mother and we were strict in our devotion to pizza. I knew all the toppings and followed the way of the sauce every Sunday. I studied the history of pizza in the new world and that of ancient Rome. Pizza was my life.

But as I grew up I became more jaded. I was exposed to those who dedicated themselves to pizza but had another agenda. I saw the abusers in action. I saw the lives they destroyed in the name of their pizza. It hurt my soul deeply and I moved away from pizza. But I couldn't abandon pizza entirely. I tried to insist that pizza had no part in my life. But in times of strife I called out for it; and it was delivered. I continued to search for the true deeper meaning of pizza but grew tired and wary.

Then I found curry.
Curry does not care if you are young or old. It does not care if you are one race or another. It does not care if you are straight or gay. It is not indifferent, it is nurturing. It fills your soul with joy and your senses with spice. It can be sweet, it can be hot. It can be vegetarian or have the meat of your choice. It does not restrict you to a shape like pizza does. The ingredients are mixed "in" not on top where they can fall off. It is the spice of life.

And if you can not let go of pizza, curry does not care. You can put curry on pizza.

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