Sunday, May 13, 2012

The New Radar

A few days ago I was shown a demonstration of technology that has me worried. If it falls into the wrong hands it will be disastrous. The wrong hands being defined as the right hands by the law. It's inevitable that it will and so I warn you now.

If you are familiar with  aviation then you will know what a transponder is. If not, then in simple terms, it's a way to identify an individual aircraft by radar. The pilot of the craft sets a code and the air traffic controller knows which plane on the radar screen is yours. Nice feature that's been around for years. Now they would have trouble passing a law requiring these on autos, talk about self incrimination for speeders. What they can do is identify your cell phone. The device I saw could only identified individual devices. It did not tell you who owned them. But it could remotely track the device and calculate your speed. Evil concept if the law could have that data and ID the phone. What places you in the car? A call to a local patrol and they pull you over. The use of proximity keys and Near Field will even make that easier for the bad guys.

This currently only indicates the cell phone was in the car and was on. If you turn it off there is no way to track you. But if you turn it off, how can you text and drive?

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