Fitting O-Ring Finder App

 Fitting O-Ring Finder!

Quickly find the correct O-Ring for your hydraulic fitting! Most SAE and many metric sizes can be found listed.

About this App: 

Use this app to find the correct O-ring for one of the many listed Hydraulic Fitting types. Select the fitting style, and the app will give you details on that style along with a list of the various common sizes and the standard O-ring that fits that size. Select a size from that list for more information about that O-Ring to help you locate it. 

Fittings covered are:

• Flange,  both Code 61 & 62

• O-Ring Face fitting

• O-Ring Boss Port

• BSPP, British Standard Parallel Port

• ISO 6149 Metric Port

• ISO 9974 Metric Port

• DIN 2353 tube fittings

• JIS, Japanese Industrial Standard Port (BSPP)

Sizes use either the US industry standard Dash size or metric.

US dash is based on 1/16" and parts are called out as: -2, -4, -6. Where -2 is 2/16" or 1/8" and -8 is 8/16" or 1/2"  and so forth.

Whenever possible the SAE AS568 standard O-Ring size is used. If not available then the conventional metric ID x Cross based on the fitting size is used. For the JIS Port JIS B2401 sizes are specified.  

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