Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fresh chocolate!

This is what the inside of a 25 pound box of chocolate pieces looks like. This happens to be cranberry-orange chocolate from Theo's. Their factory is a few blocks from my work and they are a good customers of ours.   Inclusions, the cranberry, and oil's, the orange, can weaken the bars which causes them to break. The inclusions also make it difficult to recycle or remedy. So they can't be sold. Somehow they end up at my work where we do our part to prevent waste. Tasty! My job sucks sometimes. 😎

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fresh wax!

Beeswax to be precise. I stopped at Ballard farmers market to get some produce and bought a pound of beeswax. I use beeswax to waterproof the bag I carry to work on my bike. It usually only takes a quarter to half an ounce, so I'll have a bit left over to share with family and friends.  I'm also going to get a shirt at the thrift store on senior Tuesday and wax it for those light rain days. Oh! And i have a drawer slide to wax so it's smooth. Pretty handy material to have around the house. 
Buying direct from the farmer saves me money! That's a good reason to buy from the farmer. And they have great honey if you're into that.