Friday, January 25, 2013


It's a nice morning. I'm sitting in a Santa Barbara courtyard with red tile roofs. Staying dry. It's not cold. There's a fountain gurgling and the rain is falling softly on the bird of paradise next to me. There is a scent. I'm not sure which flower yet but it's heavy sweet. Maybe geranium? No, no musty taste. There is a stair leading down from the courtyard partially hidden by a low wall behind me. I can hear a clapping of a woman's shoe coming up the stairs. She is on her toes as I don't hear a heel. She turns away from the courtyard at the top so I never see her.

Bells ring out. Westminster abbey I think the chime is called. Eleven chimes. Now another church further in the distance rings it's bells. Both bells alternating. The age of the building and the ancient time keeping has a pleasant contrast to typing on my phone. Once the bells stop it again becomes quiet except for the rain and the gurgling fountain.

This rain, you would like this rain.