my hidden reviews
i decided that since i watch a lot of movies lately, some good, some bad, i would share my thoughts on what i see. while i won’t go into a lot of detail in reviews it may help someone decide to see something or not. first and foremost, i am rating it on the entertainment value only. was i entertained? I don’t care about a lot of fancy reviews get those elsewhere. Three point scale 3/6/9 out of ten. This gives me room to change my mind. Anything above five is entertaining. I won’t ask you to rent a 3!
This was fun. I got a few good laughs in. I thought it might be a cheesy movie but Lucy Lui was in it so I figured I’d watch it. maybe because i didn’t expect much i got a bargain. the female lead character reminded me of a girl i dated in High School, trouble! Watch this one!  give it a 6/10 (9/25/08)
Cute movie. It could happen. It was interesting to see how the american reacted to the indian culture. the presentation of India wasn’t all sugar coated, it showed poor but then we all know it’s a lot worse that what they showed. how accurate was the cultural portrayal? I don’t know I just enjoyed the movie!  I give it a 6/10 (9/4/08)
Japanese Black & white film with English subtitles. The US title is Hara Kiri which is how you would find it at the local video store, or the online store. I never heard them use that word in the film so i used the Japanese title for this review. This is a real classic in every sense. When you watch it today it is still as fresh as when it came out. wonderful theatrical lighting. Good acting and a great story with a twist, pun intended. It’s a long film but it doesn’t drag. Rent this film. Definitely a 9/10 (9/28/08)
This was a strange film. I like strange. Finnish title is Mies vailla menneisyyttäI.  The subtitles are good, there is  not a lot of dialog in this film. Well there is but it’s all pretty concise. If you have never seen a Finnish film before this is a good one to start with. No fancy effects just interesting characters with an enjoyable story. 
I give it a 6/10 (9/11/08)
If you like wierd independent movies then you owe this film nothing. Well I was going to say you owe it thanks but no, you don’t. however, this film did open many eyes about independent film making. John Waters original low, low budget film about the sickest person on earth is pretty sick. Yet somehow it’s tame compared to movies made today. Still, if you can stomach it I say watch it. It’s a classic now. Keep the kids away. 
I give it a 6/10 (3/27/09)
Director Wes Anderson’s debut film. Written with Owen Wilson, They later did The Royal Tennebaums together. This is about some wannabe bad guys who are just too nice. The characters are enjoyable and the acting is good. I watched this movie twice in the last year, that seems to say something for it. 
I give it a 9/10 (3/29/09)
OK. most of this movie is pretty good. It’s fairly historically accurate, events are true, timeline is a bit off, but who cares? It’s hollywood not McGraw/Hill.  Best scene has Cate Blanchett in armor. Women in armor!  I give it a 6/10 (11/14/09)