Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Climate change.

I'm freezing! It's simple, usually it's warming by now and we have had our rain for the year. But it's still below freezing and suppose to rain more this week. There has been a steady change over the last few years. I'm freezing. Why has there been a change? The earth is changing simple as that. This is not scientific, it is an obvious observation. I'm freezing. Has man been the cause of it? Let's leave that to the learned men of science to work out and prove. In the mean while, anyone who does not believe that we have not played some role is living in a cave. It's freezing in the cave. And unlike my house there are no blankets. They won't survive long.  I'm heading to bed and crawling under some blankets right now, because...
I'm freezing.

photo: almond blossoms 2/26/12 by anson 2012

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