Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Number 3

It took me three years to finish her but it is worth it!

Four years after starting this blog post I realize I stopped blogging and never finished this post!

So seven years after starting to work on this bike I'm still working on it! This is my daily rider, or before covid it was. It's still my regular rider. When I'm on my Sunday ride this is the bike. When I just go practice track stands, this is the bike. When I just want to tinker on a bike, you know, I have four bikes so maybe this one will be it.

Meanwhile, it's undergone a few changes. No longer just like this, but similar. The color is the same. There is now a front rack. It's small but I don't often carry more than a jacket or bag. I have two basic configurations, Winter and Summer. Today it's in Winter. The tires are fatter and knobbed. The gearing is lower, I have a 42/19or20 setup. Nineteen is fixed, twenty is freewheel. I keep it in fixed most of the time. I also have a front and rear fender. The front is mainly a mud guard. The Summer setup is 46/16 fixed. Taller gears to go faster. I remove the fenders. and put on skinny tires. Not real skinny, about 40 mm so I can still ride dirt and gravel. This bike is a joy, mostly because I ride it. 

Here are pictures of the Winter and Summer setup.

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