Friday, March 23, 2012

Wake up call

3:50 am, the phone rings jolting the entire household awake. Groggy I reach for the phone as it rings again. By the time I fumble it to my ear the caller has hung up. A quick check of caller ID reveals, I missed a call from Jesus.

He must have inadvertently called and hung up realizing he dialed the wrong number. I figured he was really trying to call his ride to work to say he was running late or was at a wedding feast yesterday and wasn't going to work. For some reason I thought he would have a job that started early like in the home trade, possibly a carpenter or framer.

The thing that intrigued me is, I knew it was Jesus because I had caller ID. Before its invention how would you be sure it wasn't a 3 am prank call?

photo: phone_call.jpg by Anson © 2012

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