Sunday, March 4, 2012

More blood loss

I guess shaving is like riding a bike. Once you've learned you always remember how to do it. I make this statement with a good dose of sarcasm. The last time I really rode a bike I certainly remembered how to ride, so well in fact that I started to show off and while doing a front wheel stand I fell off severely shattering my fifth metatarsal in my left hand. I still have the titanium plate to prove it. Which brings me to my point. I clearly remember how to shave as I first learned nearly forty years ago. The problem is for the last ten or twelve I have had a beard. Shaving was just a quick swipe down my neck not the challenges of under the nose, across the clef on my chin, or the sudden edge of my jawline. All these places added to the innate muscle memory of years of learning lead to the disaster of high speed collision of razor sharp steel against freshly exposed flesh. Fortunately I have a good platelet count so despite the loss of yesterday's donation the bleeding quickly stopped. Now if the cold breeze would stop I'd be happy.

photo: steel_in_nature.jpg  by anson 2012

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