Friday, March 16, 2012


Everyone needs a small distraction. It's a form of meditation. Something that superficially occupies your mind letting it clear of all stress inducing thoughts.

Or so that's what I thought until I tried stacking m&m's. I'm not sure what lead me to believe this would be fun. I'm not even sure what made me think this was even possible. I just sat down at the table with a hand full of candies thinking I was going to eat them. As they sat there scattered in front of me I looked at the smooth round curves and thought it would be difficult to get one to stay on another. I carefully balanced one and sat back. It wasn't that hard. I wondered if I could get the stack to three. Three was a bit more of a challenge. Four was even more so. In fact it took a while to get four and every time I went to five they tumbled. I had five for a brief second but it was unstable and immediately scattered across the table. I considered licking them to make them a bit sticky. After all it was my game so I could change the rules. That was not a good idea because they stick to your fingers. So I continued on. It became apparent that the futility was creating a new stress of its own. One that could only be cured by the obvious. Eat them.

If you try this and get higher than 4 send me a picture!

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